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Reselling Digital Signage Software with Wilyer Partner Program

Digital Signage Software for Digital Signage Display Solutions Sellers and Manufacturers with complete Digital Signage Solutions for clients. Wilyer Digital Signage Reseller Program comes with a scalable electronic signage software to execute large AV, Digital Signage Projects seemlessly.

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Integrate Digital Signage Software with the Hardware you Sell

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Suite of Digital Signage Software Products for OEMs, TV Manufacturers and AV Solution Integrators

Wilyer Digital Signage Software Reseller Program offers solutions catering to various use-cases where Partners can choose from our Digital Signage Software Suite on what's relevant and deploy at scale.

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Cloud-based Digital Signage Software

Transform your visual communication with our Cloud-based Digital Signage Software. Seamlessly manage content, ensure real-time updates, and scale effortlessly for dynamic and engaging displays across diverse locations.

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On-premise Digital Signage Software

On-premise Digital Signage Software empowers businesses with localized control and security. Manage content seamlessly within your network, ensuring efficient communication and engagement for a tailored, effective digital signage solution.

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USB-based Digital Signage Software

Experience hassle-free content deployment with USB-based Digital Signage Software. Simply load content onto USB drives for easy, offline playback, providing a versatile and accessible solution for dynamic displays. Explore More!

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Digital Signage CMS Reselling Made Easy and Scalable for Digital Screens Deployments

Who should join Wilyer Signage Partner Program?

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AV (Audio-Visual) Integrators

Companies that focus on audio-visual solutions often include digital signage software as part of their offerings, providing a complete package for businesses looking to enhance their visual communication.

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TV and Digital Standee Sellers

Digital Signage Software for TV OEMs and Digital Signage Standee Suppliers will provide all-in-one software for providing software with Digital Signage Hardware Solutions.

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Telecommunications Providers

Some telecom companies provide digital signage solutions as part of their business communication services. They may resell or bundle digital signage software with their offerings.

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Managed Service Providers

MSPs that focus on providing managed services for businesses may include digital signage software in their service offerings to enhance communication and engagement.

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IT Consultants and Integrators

Professionals and firms offering IT consulting and integration services may include digital signage software in their portfolio to provide comprehensive solutions to their clients.

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Marketing Agencies

Agencies involved in marketing and advertising may resell digital signage software as part of their digital marketing solutions. They can offer it to clients looking to enhance their advertising and promotional efforts.

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White-label Digital Signage Software for Partners

Wilyer White-label Digital Signage Software is an exclusive offering to partners for integrating Wilyer Signage Software with their electronic signages and Commercial Displays.

White-label Signage Software CMS Offering:

  • Private Domain Hosting on Wilyer Signage Server
  • Dedicated Support and Relationship Manager for IT
  • Signage Software CMS with Partner's Brand Name
  • Supported with All Wilyer Digital Signage Softwares
  • On-premise Digital Signage Software White-label

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Digital Signage Software Partner is an easy to start Integration with your Digital Signage Hardware Business

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Digital Signage Software Partner Program FAQs

How much time would it take to on-board on Wilyer Partner Program?

No, USB Digital Signage operates offline, eliminating the need for internet connectivity for content playback. Internet Connectivity is only required at the time of screen activation which can be done via Wi-Fi Hotspot or LAN.

Partner Program requires a registered legal corporate entity for handling end-customers and being on-boarded with signed NDA. Please contact us to explore Independent Consultant opportunities.


Yes, Wilyer Partner Program has an option to get White Label Digital Signage Software for exclusive offering for Partners. White Label Digital Signage Software White label requires a AMC and Configuration price.


Yes, Wilyer we collaborate with our Partners on executing custom Integrations with Digital Signage Software to assist with complete IT solutions for digital signage deployment.


Yes, Wilyer Partner portal comes with option for customized demo plans so that digital screens software can be testing and evaluated to suit the needs of the business. Your dedicated relationship manager will help you will demo provisioning.


Call us now! +91 8595119451

Request a call back from us!

*Our Representative will contact you via Phone Call. Don’t Worry We don’t spam.