Wilyer Partner Program


Provide end-to-end Digital Signage Solutions to clients. Partner Program is for Companines who work on Audio-Visiual AV Soltions, Digital Screens Manufacturues, Display OEMs, System Integrators.

Why to join Wilyer partner reseller program because we help you

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Minimal Setup for Business

Start your business with a very low setup cost. Wilyer Digital Signage solution does not need any heavy investments.

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Recurring Revenue Stream

Wilyer Signage designed in such a way that it creates recurring revenue stream for partners. Let it be your auto pilot for Revenue.

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Competitive Pricing & Discounts

Avail the maximum potential with minimum cost payable as per partner profile. Get the best prices and offers as per your requirement.

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Maximum Scalability

Enjoy the results and scalability of your Business. With advance technology and innovation at every stage Wilyer helps their partner to scale rapidly.

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Dedicated Support

Top technical Staff helps the partner at each instance and possible help required. Support Staff available Online and Offline as per partner profile.

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Less Management

Wilyer architecture gives edge over other in maintaining and managing the system. Our Agile models helps partner to get the maximum benefits and lower their daily management.

What benefits you can get from Reseller Software Partner Program?

With our solution, you can incorporate advanced features such as live streaming, touchscreens, interactive kiosks, and video walls to create a personalized experience for your audience. Our team of experts will work with you to understand the specific requirements and design a customized solution that meets your needs.

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In Transforming

Wilyer Digital Signage Transformation empowers businesses to deliver impactful, dynamic, and personalized content, transforming traditional signage into a versatile communication platform.

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In Growing

Wilyer helps you with rising popularity and utilization of dynamic digital displays to deliver engaging content, enhance communication, and create immersive visual experiences for audiences.

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Custom Signage Related Project

Whether you need to display specialized content, integrate with a proprietary system, or address a specific challenge, we will help you solve for niche requirements.

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In Upgrading

Wilyer is a solution provider that assists in the seamless integration of new technologies and advanced features, thereby upgrading outdated or traditional technologies in the market

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In Creating

With Wilyer Digital Signage businesses or content creators can utilize principles to craft content that captures attention, delivers information, and enhances the overall visual experience.

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In Building

Wilyer specializes in developing solutions and products that have the potential to make a significant impact in the market. By partnering with Wilyer, businesses can leverage the benefits of these offerings.

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How to get started with wilyer?

3-Step Process get Your Screens Live with Wilyer Digital Signage Software

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Create your account & start your work

Sign-up on Wilyer Digital Signage Portal by Providing Your Name, Organization Name, Phone, Email and Password. Verify the email and you are good to go to unleash the next big thing.

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Industry Partners

Industries that trust us with their Network

Retail Showrooms

Retail business is the most important and highly competitive sector for any brand/company to increase its sales and bring in awareness towards the audience about their products and services.


Benefits of Using Wilyer Solutions

  • Increase Sales
  • Target Large Audience
  • Brand Awareness
  • Customer Trust
  • Increase Customer Engagement
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