Crafting softwares that bring value to your business in domain of Digital Advertising

Wilyer Digital Signage Software and Android Media Player Software enables Digital Screens/Displays to mark your brands impression with media creatives that engage your visitors at your permieses.

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Our Products and Services

We have many products and services lined up to solve and help your business to strengthen

Willplay - Plug and Play

Pendrive/Offline Based Android App Media Player for Android Digital Screens.

Signage Wilyer

Cloud Based Digital Signage System with CRM to deploy content on your screens.

Partner Wilyer Program

Use Our Software services for Signage in your Screens as media player.

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Buy Screens for Digital Advertising for your business at your permieses.

CertifiDoc (Coming Soon)

Digital Certificate Maker and Management System

How to Choose Wilyer Services

Our Services are crafted for helping you use the tech that can boost your Campaigns' Effectiveness

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Key Highlights

One Stop Solution

48+ Hours Uptime

Offline Media

Low Tariff Licences

Animated Transitions

Full HD Video Playback

Apps Auto Launch

Auto Slideshow

Wilyer Ecosystem

Our Ecosystem is designed to help you choose the best software solution for Sophiticated Digital Advertising Campaigns for your Business. Your visitors can be engaged with creatives that promote your business's services.

Live DOOH Trackingn System

Our Users

Our services help our valued clients to make impact with Digital Screens and Digital Campaigns

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