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Digital Signage Software is a uniform Software for Managing Multiple Screens. We offer various solutions to help you find the best suited Solution for your business.

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Wilyer Digital Signage Cloud

Wilyer signage solution is a cloud-based digital signage software and Content management system (CMS) that enables the users to display digital advertising content on the digital screens placed across the globe remotely.


  • Custom Content playlist designer and Publisher System.
  • Remote Controls to do basic troubleshooting.
  • Manage Unlimited Screens from Single Login.
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Wilyer DOOH CMS is specially curated for the Media owners looking for a simple and easy system to manage their inventory placed at various places. Wilyer DOOH CMS enables alot of capabilities across the DOOH industry.


  • Slot Scheme Structure playlist Publishing.
  • Dynamic Campaign Creation and deployment across the Inventory.
  • Multi-user Access and Folder Bases Library management.
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Private Cloud Page

Wilyer on-premise digital signage solution enables organizations to delpoy a digital signage server along with Digital Signage Content management system (CMS) on a local/on-premise data host system.


  • High level of data and system security as the data is kept within the organization's private data server and system.
  • Wilyer On-premise Digital Signage gives full control and higher authority over the network.
  • Internal servers and widgets integration is easy and does not require much time.
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USB Digital Signage

Wilyer Willplay is an offline Pendrive-based Digital signage solution with a plug n play functionality. Willplay enables the users to manually manage the Advertising content without going Online or having any type of internet connection


  • Autoplay media after screen on/restart.
  • Media Updating/Changing with Single Click.
  • Media play even after USB/Pendrive is removed.
  • Multi layout Support.
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Self-ordering Kiosk

Wilyer Self-ordering Kiosk helps users to place orders directly from the kiosk with a quick, fast, and non-delayed process.


  • Helps customers navigate through the menu easily and make quick payments.
  • Kiosks provide labor savings by changing the front-of-house structure and lowering labor costs.
  • Helps in increasing the sales of the most profitable items by increasing the average overall check totals
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Token Management System/QMS

Wilyer Token Management System helps the visitor to have a hassle free queue and waiting arrangement. This helps the premise authority to maintain a smooth and easy processing for visitors.


  • Reduces Human interaction and cost for Token generation.
  • Easy handling and Smooth Processing for every task.
  • Multi-level User management and admin access.
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Why to join Wilyer digital Signage Solutions.

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In Upgrading

Wilyer is a solution provider that assists in the seamless integration of new technologies and advanced features, thereby upgrading outdated or traditional technologies in the market

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In Building

Wilyer specializes in developing solutions and products that have the potential to make a significant impact in the market. By partnering with Wilyer, businesses can leverage the benefits of these offerings.

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In Transforming

Wilyer Digital Signage Transformation empowers businesses to deliver impactful, dynamic, and personalized content, transforming traditional signage into a versatile communication platform.

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In Creating

With Wilyer Digital Signage businesses or content creators can utilize principles to craft content that captures attention, delivers information, and enhances the overall visual experience.

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In Transitioning

Wilyer helps you with Adoption and implementation of digital displays, CMS, and associated technologies to enhance communication, engage audiences, and modernize the way information is delivered.

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In Growing

Wilyer helps you with rising popularity and utilization of dynamic digital displays to deliver engaging content, enhance communication, and create immersive visual experiences for audiences.

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  • Library and Playlist Management
  • Drag and Drop Playlist Designer
  • Remote Device Controls and Screenshots
  • Unlimited Team Members Access
  • Screens Management Tools

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  • Everything Included in Pro Plan
  • Custom applications integration
  • Assistance in Large-scale Deployments
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What our Customers Frequently Ask Us?

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Insights From Our Happy Customers

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We are extremely satisfied with the services provided by Wilyer. Their expertise and attention to detail have been instrumental in our success. Wilyer consistently delivers top-quality solutions, exceeding our expectations. We highly recommend their services to any organization in need of reliable and effective support.

Ajay Khurana

General Manager


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“Throughout the project, communication with the team was excellent. They were responsive, proactive, and always kept us informed about the progress and any updates or adjustments. Their ability to adapt to our evolving needs and timelines was truly impressive.”

Ritu Mittal

Group Innovation & Growth Officer

Fortis Healthcare

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“I highly recommend Wilyer to anyone in need of digital signage solutions. Their expertise, professionalism, attention to detail, and exceptional customer service have made them an invaluable partner in our project. It has been a pleasure working with them, and I look forward to continuing our collaboration in the future.”

Sukumaran C

Senior Director- Consumer Systems Products

Canon India

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“From the moment we engaged with Wilyer, their team demonstrated a deep understanding of our requirements and objectives. They took the time to listen to our specific needs and worked closely with us to develop a customized digital signage solution that perfectly aligns with our brand and messaging.”

Manas Mukherjee

Marketing Manager

Organic India


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